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Plastic packaging alternatives from Swiftpak

Is it time to bench
your plastic packaging?

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With increased production cost, new taxes on plastic coming in 2022, and the overwhelming global drive to reduce plastic consumption, there has never been a better time to try alternative recyclable packaging.

Some of our most popular recyclable packaging alternatives include


Besides the obvious reasons of reducing your footprint, in August we will give you a free football if you decide to bench one of your products for a more eco-friendly alternative. Simply add "football" to your next order in the delivery instructions and we will send you a free Swiftpak football with your order. Limited to 1 football per company and only available while stocks last.

Why Swiftpak?

Swiftpak are a family-owned wholesale packaging supplier based in Berkshire. We've been committed to providing the best protective packaging solutions backed by specialist knowledge and first-class service for over 40 years. 

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